The Most Inspiring Immigration Stories Of 2019

Not all the immigration stories in 2019 contained bad news and revelations about plans for alligator-filled moats. Below are the most inspiring immigration stories of 2019.

The Immigrant Restaurant Owner Who Helps the Poor and Homeless: Pakistani-born immigrant Kazi Mannan is the owner of Sakina Halal Grill in Washington D.C. “If someone says I need a free meal . . . Okay,” said Mannan. On a daily basis, he feeds any homeless or poor person who enters his restaurant and asks for help. In 2018, he gave away 16,000 free meals. “Once upon a time, I was in a similar situation where I didn’t have enough to eat. . . . When you uplift another human being it’s a beautiful thing.” (The National Immigration Forum has brought attention to Kazi Mannan and the stories of other immigrants.)