Budweiser Super Bowl LIV Commercial Features Hakki Akdeniz

The Super Bowl LIV commercial “Typical American” Which featured dozens of people who are anything but “Typical.” Some people were performing random acts of kindness like helping a person whose car was stuck in the snow while others were fighting ferocious wildfires….

The name everyone knows who appeared in the Budweiser “Typical American” advertising was Hakki Akdeniz, the Founder CEO of The Champion Pizza in NYC. Akdeniz grew up in a small village in Turkey, knowing he wanted to pursue the American Dream, Akdeniz came to America in 2001 with very little money. Unfortunately, Akdeniz ended up homeless, sleeping in New York’s Grand Central Station, but he had a dream, and one day when he overheard someone speaking in Turkish language, he struck up a conversation and that kind soul helped him land a job in NYC.